Walking with me

Of all body exercises, jogging has never been my thing.
The fact that i have to abandon the comfort of my bed, forsake my 30minutes sleep has never been pleasant to me.
However, with this upcoming MTN marathon that my family would love to be part of, i kind of thought i should be part of it too. However for sometime i just resented the fact that i had to practice in preparation for it.

Considering my weight..i thought i could actually do without it. So after sometime of talking about jogging with my sister and after procrastinating for sometime we decided to do it.
Well for the start we run around the compound but my sister wanted more.
So that very morning inspired by my sister’s longing and determination to do this for her own fitness, i felt compelled deep within to actually run along side her to support her because she was counting on my support and partnership. So i stopped thinking about myself and decided to think about my sister. Nothing is always easy but all things are possible with God.

My sister and i wake up every morning and our challenge is a sloppy path at home that we have to tread, its not an easy one i must say.But every time i am jogging with my sister and having to encourage her to press on and not give up, and having to stop when she stops, so that together we can run again, telling her to push her body because she actually is a master over it i only envision Jesus walking beside me, with me each and every day and telling me Evelyn keep walking, keep running girl, dont give up on yourself. I envision him stopping when i stop and allowing  me to relax and stretch my muscles and patiently waiting for me  to press on to the very end of our race.I do believe my willingness to press on regardless of the discomfort, risk, pain and danger does keep him stuck to me because he knows deep within i am set and determined. He sees deeper into us:-)

I do think Jesus does that for every one of us in our different races. He’s not in a rush to win or get to the other side and leave you behind..He wants to walk with me wherever i am at on my journey and he wants us to get to the end together.Sometimes He goes ahead of me and waits at the very end as he is cheering me on and is waiting to say well done you made it. Good job girl, i am so proud of you.I have found myself doing that with my sister. It has been a perfect reflection of Christ and I.
Christ has already gone before us and won the victory and yet He is still  willing to help us on our journey. There are days when he does carry us when we cant press on anymore, we are tired and overwhelmed. Sometimes wounded he carries us and tends to us so that he can heal us and then we can move on. He’s the Lord my shepherd(Psalm 23).We never stay in one place though He’s not in a rush. He will wait. When he knows we have been in that place for long, he nudges us and stirs us up once again lest we get fat and lazy. hahaahah.

We just have to keep our sights on the finish line and as long as our hearts are set and we want to go there and we don’t want to remain in the comfort zone He’s right there.Just imagine Jesus after he has been exalted to the highest place by the father decided to sit and say, guys i proved to you that i could make it, so you have to do  the same.
Keep your eyes on me and then you will make it…yes its true we will make it but yet even in all His glory, he didnt leave us without help.The Holy Spirit who is in us and with us. In addition to that He’s actually interceeding for  for you and i before the Father(Heb 7: 25b) because He wants us to win and go be with him when its all over. How far we are willing to walk with Him, He’s right beside us, in our moments of weakness, moments of strength, moments of failure, He will never leave us nor forsake us.
I find myself asking the Holy Spirit to help us do our jogging every morning, asking Him to help us press on and not give up. I know He’s done that.

So he’s not having a ball up there, He’s calling out to us and cheering us on, sending all the help we need hoping our hearts are willing and  are open to receive it.He sees conquerers, overcomers over the world in each and every one of us.The question is am i willing to get out of my comfort zone, am i willing to give up and lay down somethings that i hold so dear, am i willing to carry the cross and follow him- telling me to deny myself? Every glorious end has a bumpy road i believe. In the fulness of that glory though, the journey and all its pains do vanish. Before Christ gave up his Spirit, we read that his last words were it is finished. ( John 19:30) hmmmmm. When you look back at his life before that moment, He had both glorious and challenging moments and the final part of his journey- was tougher. Betrayed by one of his own, overwhelmed by the journey ahead of him and his inner circle couldn’t even stand with him in prayer for long, denial by Peter, being spat upon, hit and then the crown of thorns, the mockery, the insults from those that actually thought they knew better than Him, the weight of the cross and then the crucifixion. Today we are basking in His glory. Amen indeed. Sometimes the weight of our journeys does weight heavily on each one of us, that’s why we have Him and we need Him but we keep moving and pressing on. (2cor4:16-18).

My motivation to finally register for the marathon came one morning after jogging with my sister and i knew deep within i needed to be with my sister and support her to the very end. It’s not that i am better than her,  i do need this too. I am growing and i wouldn’t have heard a better opportunity to learn great lessons in my life.
This is my confidence-He’s with me and He will never leave me nor forsake me. My willingness to walk with him will determine how far we go in this race.The truth is it’s not going to be an easy road but He’s going to be with us all the way to the end.

Wherever you are at, don’t give up, the anchor does hold though the ship is battered. You could be in the lowest of valleys, He’s right there with you, you could only be smelling death around you( 2cor 4:11-12), He’s been to the dead and He resurrected, He’s with you so place your hands in his, let him carry you, but don’t give up pressing on till you enter his glory.Remember also that He does send help along the way- receive it:-)
We run to Him, we hide ourselves in Him not from Him for he does keep us safely in His hand( Isaiah51:16b)

blessings and love


(2cor 1:8-10,phil 3)


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Give thanks to the Lord-Psalm 118

1 Thank God because he’s good, because his love never quits. 2 Tell the world, Israel, “His love never quits.” 3 And you, Evelyn  tell the world, “His love never quits.” 4 And you who fear God, join in, “His love never quits.” 5 Pushed to the wall, I called to God; from the wide open spaces, he answered. 6 God’s now at my side and I’m not afraid; who would dare lay a hand on me? 7 God’s my strong champion; I flick off my enemies like flies. 8 Far better to take refuge in God than trust in people; 9 Far better to take refuge in God than trust in celebrities. 10 Hemmed in by barbarians, in God’s name I rubbed their faces in the dirt; 11 Hemmed in and with no way out, in God’s name I rubbed their faces in the dirt; 12 Like swarming bees, like wild prairie fire, they hemmed me in; in God’s name I rubbed their faces in the dirt. 13 I was right on the cliff-edge, ready to fall, when God grabbed and held me. 14 God’s my strength, he’s also my song, and now he’s my salvation. 15 Hear the shouts, hear the triumph songs in the camp of the saved? “The hand of God has turned the tide! 16 The hand of God is raised in victory! The hand of God has turned the tide!” 17 I didn’t die. I lived! And now I’m telling the world what God did. 18 God tested me, he pushed me hard, but he didn’t hand me over to Death. 19 Swing wide the city gates – the righteous gates! I’ll walk right through and thank God! 20 This Temple Gate belongs to God, so the victors can enter and praise. 21 Thank you for responding to me; you’ve truly become my salvation! 22 The stone the masons discarded as flawed is now the capstone! 23 This is God’s work. We rub our eyes – we can hardly believe it! 24 This is the very day God acted – let’s celebrate and be festive! 25 Salvation now, God. Salvation now! Oh yes, God – a free and full life! 26 Blessed are you who enter in God’s name – from God’s house we bless you! 27 God is God, he has bathed us in light. Festoon the shrine with garlands, hang colored banners above the altar! 28 You’re my God, and I thank you. O my God, I lift high your praise. 29 Thank God – he’s so good. His love never quits!


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My greatest fear…….

I sit here today, thinking about a number of things in my life and one of them is God, his presence and his will in my life. I find myself breaking at the thought of so many things- so many things that i have failed at, some things that i am still struggling with and i am steadily taking small steps and getting victory one step at a time because i am convinced it will come, i have seen it and so no matter how long it takes, i just have to let him be the potter in my life.
i have this vision of myself and i want to see myself become everything that i envision and sometimes i want it first and quick, so i end up being very impatient with myself and with God most of all because i expect him to do better than myself..He’s God- dah so he should be fast and lets get on to the next thing.

I read so many things written in the name of Christ, hear so many things in the name of Christ- sometimes i just want to scream i don’t want to hear all of this seems confusing at times. It brings fear to my heart instead of freedom. Yesterday i was left to wonder if the God i serve is the same as the one my friend was talking about.It’s scary. Then you hear one word-let God be true and every man a liar..hmmmm. Sometimes i am even scared of hearing myself say anything in the name of Christ. Being a spokesman for Christ isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s a very huge responsibility i must say. You go to church and you hear so many things- do this and this will happen to you…it’s strange that sometimes even after you have done all-nothing seems to change so you wonder what’s wrong with me.

My greatest fear i must confess is living contrary to God’s will and purpose for my life. It terrifies me to the bone. Knowing this God loves me so much, loved me so much to give of his very best just for me, i don’t want to displease him or dishonor him or bring reproach to him since he loves me that deeply. I know his love for me is unconditional, and i know that i cant do anything to make him love me less or more. But i am overwhelmed by the fact that i have been blessed with this wonderful friendship, this wonderful privilege of accessing the most holy one and having fellowship with God most high, he stoops to pay attention to me, bends to listen to me, to my cry for mercy and he does answer yet he’s all majestic and mighty, righteous and holy so i wonder who am i indeed that you are mindful of me. However many a time when i examine myself- i seem to be exactly the opposite…hmmmmm..
Yesterday i was given a link to one of the most amazing ministries started by this young girl who is doing an amazing job taking care of orphaned children and her ministry has grown and i was left wondering what have i really done for the Lord. Do i really have anything to show for my faith in the Lord. The bible says you shall know them by their fruit. So i have all these things running through my mind and yes i must say they left me troubled and so i had to talk to him about it. He has a way of encouraging us and yes he did in the night.

Something happened today that didn’t really excite me at all- even though it was meant to. They told me that they had increased my salary by a particular amount of money. Seriously i didn’t have the guts to even say thank you to God, i remember asking him are you serious. In that moment i told him that increase actually belongs to you. The question was how can even my boss think about that amount? huh. He’s not serious and God too wasn’t serious. I know some of you may be thinking- you are supposed to be thankful at all times in everything but honestly that wasn’t the case. So after i had sobered up i asked myself- do you think that would be a pleasing offering to God? No i don’t think so, why would i give something that i really don’t want. I call this God my lover, my friend, why would i just want to give him what i don’t like..not fair at all. Well i must confess i haven’t yet said thank you. Funny thing i had just read this portion in scripture about Ananias and Sapphira(Acts 5). hmmmmm. just amazes me that even as i write this, my heart is being stirred up deep within me.First of all i cant help but laugh and there is this feeling towards the Lord that i alone can describe:-). I hate pity parties but the temptation to get engrossed in them is usually very great.Well thanks be to God for his mercy and grace.Over the last years of my life and the past days i have said things to the Lord and it’s very discouraging to the human spirit when its exactly the opposite. I honestly can’t comprehend God’s ways and how he does his things, it is surely beyond human understanding. I guess each and every day i am being drawn to that place of knowing his grace and mercy and fully understanding my limitations as a human being. I must say that though most times i am terrified, i find myself drawn each and every day to that place of experiencing his mercy and grace and goodness and his fulness in my life and at the end of the day-it’s what is happening.

This is my conclusion- there is hope-God is that very hope, there is love and He is that very love and there is surely Grace and He remains that very same grace. I honestly don’t know how to do it, i don’t have any formulas i simply choose to remain abandoned to him. He’s got a way with me.  So i haven’t given up on me at all, i keep my heart set though sometimes i am discouraged by my progress, He’s actually at work within me and for me that is such a huge honor and privilege. Yes, i know he is at work within me and so i just have to let him be the potter:-) He never fails. I just cant do it without him, apart from him i am completely nothing(John 15)

I just cant help but smile and be grateful because he has actually given me joy. He doesn’t cease to amaze me Who he really is amazes me and i think i am overwhelmed by his grace and mercy that my heart cant help but tremble before him because who am i really that He is mindful of me? Grace and more grace and more grace. Thank you Jesus.


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The glory in death

I have been thinking about death and amazingly it has become a source of inspiration to me. You know the thought of dying  isnt exciting at all. The thought of you no longer being able to speak,not hearing what the people are saying- some could be saying good, just lying there still and then your body being lowered in a grave and being covered, the thought of people saying things that they couldn’t tell you when you were still alive-now that’s annoying. Separation from this earthly life, the end of your dreams, imaginations and fantasies- it all ends there. Death is painful, it robs us of those close to our hearts and the thought of not seeing them for a long time  is heartbreaking. It happens though and it’s a reality. The truth is that it is no respector of persons. Death is an appointment for each one of us.(Heb 9:27) Oh my-this feels me with hibby jibbies-not nice ones i must say.

However i am not referring to this kind of death.Paul talks about crucifying the flesh with all its desires(Gal 5), Jesus talks about denying yourself, carrying your cross( sign of crucifixion) and following him(Matt 10:37-39,Luke 9:23-25). He actually says if you hold onto your life you will lose it in the and so encourages us to give up our lives for his sake and that’s the only way to gain it. He also talks about a grain of wheat falling to the ground and dying first for it to bring forth new life.(John 12:23-26) .Been thinking about all this and yes it has created in me a yearning for death so that i can truly live. You know the word of God says no flesh can glory in his presence(1cor 1:29). No one can see God and stay alive. The point is where God really is- there is death to the flesh and life to the spirit. When i make an evaluation of myself i know one thing i am so selfish and self centered, i want things my way. I want my dreams, my visions, my imaginations to all come alive and i will do anything it takes to fulfil them sometimes i end up messing up myself.
Today every one is working hard to stay alive, no one wants to die. We are all trying to make a living for ourselves and we dont even think about death and probably thats why we may not really care about how we live.
Recently i was thinking about love, i was praying through something and i remember hearing clearly within my spirit -Love edifies and thats what i needed to actually overcome. So i set my heart on finding out what edification means. The dictionary online defines “to edify” as to build up, establish, strengthen a person and uplift which was confirmed  by a friend of mine. From that i knew that love calls me to a higher place of responsibility in my relationships. I can’t claim to love some one yet all i am doing is bringing them down, spewing negativity into their lives and not even giving a damn about how i treat them or handle them. If i love myself, i will not give them what i hate so i had to change my perspective and began dealing with a few things. Taking responsibility for what i contribute to other people’s lives, and yes there are days i have failed but i havent given up on my pursuit of Edification-strengthening, establishing and uplifting others that i love. This has actually brought me to that point of thinking about death- my selfish desires, my lusts for the sake of the other person. If i am consumed by being holy and being pleasing God, i should love others enough not to distract them from that one honor and privilege in their lives-the glory of God through them.If God loves me that much, he loves them too that much.

When you read the bible- Christ emphasized our need to love each other the way he has actually loved us(John 15:12-13 and 17). When you read the epistles of John and even Peter- they place great emphasis on Love and especially of our christian brothers and sisters. Peter talks about us loving each other deeply with affection(IJohn 3: 11-24,4:7-21, 1Peter1:22 and 1Pet 4:8). Paul even tells us about  the more excellent way of life -LOVE (1cor 12: 31b) and goes on to describe it in the famous 1cor 13 that every one loves to hear being read at their read a scripture sometime back that i don’t want to forget-Matthew 18:2-7. You need to read that yourself.
Of late i have been thinking about my life and what i really long for- i have to say, i want to die.
There are things that we become accustomed to doing, they may seem okay but with being in relationship with a holy father they are abominable and he’s against them. God is Holy and in his presence darkness doesn’t stand. I have things he has pointed out and we are working at it together and i am convinced beyond doubt that victory is mine. Many a time they are deeply rooted in our desires- the word of God tells us that he takes us from glory to glory, Yes where God is there is surely liberty and He does set captives free and like I can testify to that.Paul says our freedom should not be used as an occasion to the flesh. I can testify to that. I am reminded of the sermon i heard last thursday, it’s all about faith in a big God..and it’s all about him working in us and through us. Is he actually at work in you.You alone can tell that. Yes i want to die so that i can be able to live the full life through Christ and Christ to live in me and through me. I envision the fullness of Christ in my life and that makes the kind of death i am talking about a worthwhile experience. It makes it glorious indeed, yes its painful because you gotta lose something, you gotta lay down stuff and surrender passions and desires, dreams and visions, fantansies, imaginations that are so close to the heart but the reward is the fulness of Christ. Yes the Christ we profess is greater than us in every way and he is able to do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine. All he asks of you and i is believe. Abandon yourself to him, He does fulfil the desires of our hearts:-)

Now after all this writing i must confess, i can boldly say like Paul” i dont mean to say that i have already achieved these things or that i have already reached perfection. But i PRESS ON to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me…….(Phil 3:12-14)
However i can boldly say in so many instances Ebenezer- thus far the Lord has brought me and i am grateful and Paul says we must hold on to the progress we have made(Phil 3:16).
It’s a privilege and honor indeed to know that God is at work in me and even after this i want to run to the father and obtain his mercy and grace for the time of need. Our world isn’t getting better but our God remains greater, faithful and true. The Psalmist says to the faithful you show yourself faithful, to those with intergrity you show intergrity  to the pure you show yourself pure. If you read on David is simply saying it’s all about God.(psa18:25ff) Beautiful portion of scripture. It’s not even about how strong one is, not at all-It’s about how strong God is because His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. This alone makes on run to the father because they know that is where hope and deliverance are. Out of God’s presence, there is trouble and the most wonderful bit is this  GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE. Knowledge puffs up and sometimes we are tempted to go to the father with all our know it all attitude and how we are doing this and that and actually fail to be honest about what is really going on deep inside us. ( the story of the pharisee and the tax collector). He desires truth in our innermost being-(Psalm 51) and sometimes it’s just like David for many of us-Have mercy on me Oh God according to your unfailing love.Only when we allow  God to show us the true condition of our hearts and lives. Believe you me we would truly know what mercy means when it triumphs over judgement:-)

Ok time up..i could go on and on but all in all it’s all about God. I can’t help but abandon myself to this God because i know He can do it in me. He’s the same yesterday today and forever. He doesn’t change and wont change to fit our lives, we have to fit our lives into him.
Then it shall be said of us, of me,…this is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in our eyes. I want this more than life itself…Esther the queen said -if i perish i perish..she actually didn’t, she saved herself, her entirely family and entire nation. It’s time to die for me-yippee.

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Faith, -all about GOD..

Last week was quite a memorable week for me as once again i had another moment to be encouraged and exhorted. Church was amazing coz my father spoke to my heart. It was such an honor to sit and listen to Pr. Rob from Austin-Texas. I had been captivated by the clip used to announce his coming. So my heart was longing and desperate for what this gentleman had to say-God did meet that need.

Using his own life experiences he reminded me of those moments when my faith is strong to even command the skies to roll away and disappear:-) and those moments when my faith is so weak that i can’t even believe God for the simplest of things yet He just did something. Oh yeah i left church that thursday evening feeling like i could conquer the world that night. Interestingly when i woke up the next day it was a different case except for the word of the Lord -Fix your eyes on Jesus. Amazingly that was what i needed to go through the day. He’s the author and perfector of my faith. I was constantly reminded of the sermon i had received the day before-look  to Christ, His greatness, His goodness. Faith isnt about me having faith in my faith but in a great God who only required of me faith as small as a mustard seed. Its all about God- about his greatness, his goodness, what he can do and what he has done. It is all about Him and not about me at all.
He talked about faith being about believing/Knowing but also owning what we believe. He gave an example of how Christ actually died for everybody once and for all for all the sins of mankind- the past, the present and the future but its only those who believe in him that actually receive the forgiveness.

You know when you leave church and have received the word of ,the ball is in your hands and are you gonna roll it? If so how are you going to roll it? The truth is the word of God is actually a seed and it does yield fruit once sown. However between the day of reception and the day of fruition- whatever happens is only known to you and God. Matt 13-The parable of the sower kind of gives us a glimpse into what happens once the word has been received.

From the day that word was received, something was set in motion and it hasn’t been easy, there are those mountain top days and then the valley days and every day i am being reminded to look up and this time focusing on God, who He really is and his greatness and being reminded that it’s my little faith in a big God, about his work in me and through me.
Yes i am on that journey and i am learning, it’s very humbling when everything you have known or think you know actually crumbles right before you as you see him more. You don’t even want to hold onto it but lay it down because it just cant compare to God at all.. Learning to abandon myself to him, his love, his care and concern, his purpose and plan many a time which i don’t even have a clue about but trusting that He will lead me and guide me to the very end.He alone knows the plans he has for me-Plans to prosper me and not to harm me-Jeremiah 29:11. Life becomes more meaningful with a big God watching me take steps ahead with and in him…that comforts my heart…and i don’t want anything less than his fullness in my life and everything that is in him for me..It’s all a mystery, i hate mystery, but with God..mystery is so much a part of life..He simply calls me to trust him even when  i cant see.Now that is a mystery i will not try to figure it out. I will just say it, declare it every day- Lord i trust you-COZ YOU LOVE ME AND THAT’S MY CONFIDENCE.



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If it wasnt for the grace of God……….

Right now as i wait for the rain to stop so that i can actually get out of here, my mind is put to task and there are a number of questions within me. However this one causes me to write this post and here it  is-Do i really measure up.

In my walk as a christian i have days when i tell God that i really don’t like preaching or speaking in his name because many a time when i actually make an evaluation of myself according to his word i just find that i actually don’t measure up. Some times the things i am probably telling others not to do are what i am trying to over come.So i realize that i am actually not any better than them. I am a talker naturally but there are days when i long for silence because sometimes when i open my mouth to speak, it takes alot of strength to shut up. I read my bible and i know there is so much to do to actually be a light in this world, i look around and see the needs of people and i realize that i am not doing enough. I read about men and women of God that have been found guilty of doing things that aren’t expected of them and my heart begins to tremble. So many a time i set my heart to do something i find myself doing exactly the opposite. I want to please God in every way, do my very best to bring glory to his name and yet i find myself failing this frustrates and makes me miserable. I guess i can now understand Paul’s misery.(Romans 7:21-25).

How i long to be counted worthy of him in that day of his appearing, how i long for him to say well done good and faithful servant, how i long to hear him say- this is my daughter with whom i am well pleased. I am grateful that even amidst all this, He never ceases to pursue me with his love that is unfailing and instead of running away i can actually run to him and find rest in him. So i keep pressing in and pressing on knowing that though i stumble, he will still lift me up once again, knowing that as i give myself to him it is He at work in me to do his good will and pleasure. I know that as i continue to abide in him as he abides in me, i will surely bear the fruit that is right and pleasing to him and yes he does take me from glory to glory.Yes i may have fallen yesterday but with him you will not find me in the same place. He will get me out of the mud. And yes till i see him face to face, this race isn’t over i will press in, crawl if i have to but i gotta get there to him. He gives grace to the humble so i will receive it and rely on it…..Yes it’s only him and only by his grace that we are actually saved. I cant even rely on my righteousness coz compared to his-it’s just like filthy rugs..So i will drown myself in his love and grace…and i will keep pursuing  his righteousness and holiness in the fear of him coz i really want to see him once and i want to stand unashamed before him once my journey here is done:-)

He’s faithful and his love and grace are beyond human comprehension

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Dramatic week, Awesome Father.

It’s a beautiful morning over here and i just cant help but just enjoy the beautiful sunshine warming my skin but most of all i just cant help but revel in the father’s love for me.
I can boldly say that the same eyes that actually watch the sparrows are also upon me and i just have nothing much to do but say thank you Jesus because He’s got my back.:-)

On thursday i had an interesting evening. Went to the salon and while i was in the dryer, power went off and you can imagine the feeling. How can i go home with hair that’s not dry. Humanly speaking you panic and begin thinking of a way out and in that moment, you just know you gotta be still- He will surely make a way. And yes he did make a way and i went home with dry and beautiful hair. Thanks be to God for a very concerned salonist that did whatever it took to get me done.

When i got home, i lit a candle and then went to have a bath and guess what, the candle had created a bigger fire. Lol. I came out of the bathroom and saw this fire and for a moment i didnt know what to do. But i did someting and put the fire out and i went to bed and enjoyed my sleep.
Last night, i dropped my wallet in the taxi and yes it did have some money in it and my Debit card plus a few other things. I realized that i had dropped it, pursued the taxi with the help of my boda boda guy and we couldn’t find it. So i went home sad that i had lost it and yes even amidst that, there was assurance of his peace.
One of the things though that bothered me was i didnt have a plan. As a precautionary measure, i text someone to help block my Atm account, so that no one could actually access it at any point. Then off to sleep and yes i did sleep soundly:-) I didn’t have a plan for the morning, you kind of get disorganized. It’s kind of a hustle to get money off your account when you don’t have an ATM card. God had a plan:-)
Now this morning i got a call from one of my boda boda friends that they had actually picked my wallet. My wallet had a picture of me in it and these guys are my friends. I was delighted because i knew somethings had been recovered. Couldn’t help but thank God because i knew he cared that much. Well my wallet was returned to me with everything else in it except the money. That was expected. The funny thing is that it was found at the very point where we caught up with the taxi and actually checked.

What can i say? God is so real and is so interested in us and in our day to day concerns.They that trust him indeed will never be disappointed. He’s faithful and true and his love for me and each one of us is steadfast. Couldn’t have a better friend than and a better companion in my life. He does calm the storms in me and hushes the rage in me, He’s got my heart in his hands and he will surely perfect everything that concerns me.
His love is amazing.Not afraid of abandoning myself to him, because i know he will take me and hold me, soothe and comfort me and will surely keep me as the apple of his eye. Even when i don’t understand, He’s actually watching me and leading me through the dark moments of my life and he continually shines his face upon me. I love him. Yes Love’s got a hold of me.




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